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Terry Denzil
15 Jul 2014
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Dear Diary, my name is Terry Denzil, I am 15 years old. I was born in Redfern and have spent all of my life here. Every weekend me and my buddies go out in the lane and play cricket. In the background you could hear the buzzing of the radio. Our dads listening to the saturday afternoon races with a beer in their hand. This is how we spend our saturday afternoons and I love it. I am always the bowler because I am the best of out of my friends. I am able to spin the ball just perfectly. I like to bat but I am not very good and my friend Sam is much better than me. I have decided that I want to be in the Australian cricket team when I grow up. I love the game and wish to represent not only my country but also my home town of Redfern. If that does not work out I am hoping to be a plumber. I am not really sure why I want to become a plumber but I am hoping I will get the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a part of the Australian cricket team. I live in a very safe neighbourhood. I like it because in our community everyone is included and loved.


Dear diary, it has been ten years since I last wrote in you. Since then, I have finished high school and joined a plumbing business. I don’t know why I did not pursue my dream of being part of the Australian cricket team but I quite like being a plumber and there is lots of work available at this time. I believe it is because I live in a time where they are expanding Sydney and needed a lot of work done in the sewers. Anyway I still live in Redfern and I am not planing on going anywhere soon. I still love it here but it is not as safe as it used to be. When I was younger no one ever had the need to lock their doors because they felt safe. Whether they were rich or poor everyone was looking out for each other. It is not like that anymore.


By Yolande 

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