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15 Jul 2014
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What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be a doctor? A lawyer? Or even the Queen? No one knows what you will be, sometimes you don’t even know what you want to be. It just depends on your life and your experience.

Cathy Craigie was a young girl, who one day was walking past the Optometrist’s Shop, staring into the glass windows, she thought, ”Wow!”. She loved the look of all the glasses. Cathy thought, “Yes, I want to be an Optometrist, just for the glasses of course”. Being a country girl she would not have had too much of an advantage to even get her eyes checked. But one day, after being harassed by Cathy, her mother took her to get her eyes checked, but she was all clear and didn’t need any glasses,  one dream thwarted by the big city.

She kept dreaming, being a lawyer was a big thing back then. “Ah yes! I will be a lawyer”. She thought about it for a while and then changed her mind when she figured out she would have to work with her own family. Cathy boarded at MLC Burwood from Grade 6. After leaving school she was living in Redfern and was at the time studying at the University of Technology, Sydney completing a communications degree. After studying radio for ten years, she thought to herself, “Why doesn’t Sydney have an Aboriginal Radio Station?”  Cathy worked to get the license for the first Aboriginal Radio Station Koori Radio, based in Redfern. She then realised that she didn’t want to do radio anymore, so she moved on to writing books.

Cathy had always liked writing books due to her inspirational librarian Mrs Thompson. She had collected books all her life. During her writing career she has written two children’s books and she has written many more fictional novels. Her process of writing involved jotting down her thoughts in journals and she would then expand these ideas.


Cathy Craigie really shows what dreams are made of and has followed hers all her life. The message she leaves us all with is to follow your dreams and to never give up! 

By Alana

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