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Cathy makes a radio station
15 Jul 2014
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Persistent hard work, and a belief in what you’re doing is a combination Cathy Cragie used in her quest to get a licence for the first aboriginal radio station in Sydney.

Koori Radio (the radio station Cathy made) is part of the Gadigal community service. Cathy went to the University of Technology, where she did a communications degree while volunteering work for 2SER. After she had a baby, she thought ‘why don’t I make a radio station’. She moved to Sydney and was surprised to find out that Sydney; Australia’s largest city and boasting the world’s largest Aboriginal population yet it didn’t have a single Aboriginal radio station.

She waited for more than ten years to apply for a radio licence and competed against more than 40 others with similar goals but defied the odds and managed to fulfil her goal. Instead of working with the radio station she moved on and left it to be managed by others. Cathy’s mother always used to say “spread your wings”. She’s been to fly to space and back.

By Phred

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