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Cathy Craigie
15 Jul 2014
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Cathy Craigie’s life was and still is an adventure.


Cathy was very different from other girls her age, girls wanted to be singers, Dancers, actors etc. But she wanted to be an optometrist, only because she wanted glasses to look cool (what a trend). This was not to be. Instead she had been a girl guide, a boarder at MLC, a communications student at university, a writer a journalist in radio, TV and newspaper... she was also on the first TV show on the ABC channel for indigenous people.  Cathy’s inspiration was a big help throughout her life and this came from family, her mother, her friends and her primary school librarian, Mrs Thompson. I think that inspiration in a very important thing to have with you like in my situation I have my cousin Rickelle, she is a pretty good mentor and ever since a young age have always wanted to be like her, if she played basketball, I played basketball if she went to the shops I’d be joint at her hip, if she went to boarding school, then I would do the same so really if it wasn’t for her So inspiration is a very good thing to have and as Cathy said “inspiration can come from anywhere at any time of the day, you just need to look for it.”

By Kayla

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