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Aboriginal Housing Company
21 Jul 2014
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The Aboriginal Housing Company Limited is an independent non-profit charity and the first community-housing provider in Australia, incorporated in 1973 as a company limited by guarantee. The Aboriginal Housing Company Limited (AHC) is an all-Aboriginal governed organisation, located in the heart of Redfern, which lies in the traditional lands of the Gadigal People part of the Eora Nation. The company was formed in direct response to the widespread discrimination Aboriginal people and families experienced in the private rental market. There was an influx of people coming to the city for work, especially in the railways and factories, and they gravitated to the Redfern area as a second “home” for Aboriginal people. Through the years the Company has endured many battles from all types of authority, and has also battled with crime, drugs and alcohol on the Block. Despite all the adversity the core strength of the company is its resilience. It has also taken on tough decisions in the past and will continue to do so. Their housing is located in various areas of Sydney and country regions in NSW, and they currently have a housing stock of 41 properties. The AHC has submitted a Development Application for the redevelopment of the area colloquially known as “the Block “. The redevelopment is called “The Pemulwuy Project”. The redevelopment will breathe new life into the Block, and restore a strong and healthy Indigenous community to Redfern with an emphasis on cultural values, spirituality and employment. Pemulwuy will make Redfern the best urban Aboriginal community in Australia and in doing so; set the benchmark for all other communities.

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