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A sprinkle of fairy dust
5 Aug 2014
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We all have a unique story about our lives. Some people are born with talents or diseases. Some people have no freedom in their lives. And some people just have a smooth road to death. However, five people from Poet's Corner came to Australia in distinctive ways. The Poet's Corner is an organisation co-ordinated by Ellie Melden. Its purpose is to create a place for people to gather and draw, paint and share their work. You could call it a community of passionate people. Our students from the SSF interviewed a portion of the Poet's Corner about their experience in this organisation.

Former swimmer for NSW and containing the soul of an Aboriginal background is Jill Edwards. She has an Indigenous grandmother and grandfather. She is a passionate person in sports and has represented her schools in many events, and has participated in many community services. Also having an outdoor career is Dorothy O'Connor, who was born in Alexandria and is the eldest member of the Poet's Corner. She has spent 30 years in the Boy Scouts as a leader. Another outdoor lover, Paula Lee who came from Vietnam makes me believe that she has the most distinctive background in the whole group. She came from the outskirts of Saigon to escape the Communist regime. She focuses her ideas from pictures that she takes with her camera.

They have all been part of the Redfern community for a long time. There is something special about this suburb to these people. It's belonging and it's welcoming. The sprinkles of fairy dust are the effects that make this community special to Ellie. "I lived in Newtown for probably 7 years, but I just found that when I came to Redfern, it's just the little things". However, not only is this place a calm and relaxing place like home. Paula says that there is peer pressure too! Not peer pressure where they toture you. If you miss a class they will ring you up and say, "where the hell are you?"

The Poet's Corner is a place for elders to come and share drawings, paint things, have a cup of tea and much more! You could call it a second home for them. Paula left a quote before the Poet's Corner left the SSF. "Never expect that you will grow old too quickly and then you'll become someone".

- Kunho Kim

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