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A Day in the Life of Jill
5 Aug 2014
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Jill would wake up to the sound of horse hooves clip clopping  outside or her mother yelling at her siblings to eat or wake up. As she prepared for school, the doorbell would ring. They would look and see the iceman delivering ice for the icebox because Jill's family didn't have a fridge. Afterwards she would go to school, presumably with her siblings. They would play as they walked along or talk about what they were going to do. Along the way she could meet up with a friend on the corner and talk about subjects or after school activities. If they needed to, they would go to the local bakery at Moorehead Street to buy bread.

After school, she would've walked to the South Sydney Swimming Club and practise her backstroke in the hope of being a champion in the future. Afterwards when she walked home she could play cricket barefoot with her friends on Walker Street and Keilor Street because there wasn't any traffic. If it rained the road would be very muddy because it was made of dirt and they would have to wipe their feet when they got home. As she continued going home, she would see people chatting on the street corner and she would wave if they noticed her or say hello. When she got home, the toffee apply guy would be there delivering toffee apples, but some days she couldn't get a toffee applle if she didn't have enough money. 

At night, they would have rabbit for dinner from the rabbitoh who delivered rabbits. Her mum kept the rabbit in the icebox and the ice would melt so they would need more ice in the morning. After dinner they would have a bonfire in the back lane with neighbours and friends. There would be gangsters in the area but they didn't hurt any of the local people. On some nights they would come and give money if Jill's family needed to pay for bills or other important events or buy new things. No one ever questioned where they got it from because they never affected the nearby families. After a couple of hours the children would prepare for bed and they'd have more than one person in the bed. Sometimes they could have four people in the same bed. Jill loved sleeping with her sisters because they could whisper and giggle before they went to sleep. It's a friday night and as Jill goes to sleep she could think about the Saturday picture show the next day.

- Ryan

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