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Art and it inspirations
6 Aug 2014
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I think art is something that has an interesting shape, colour or image, it can range from sketches, paintings and photos to sculptures, statues and even buildings. Art can be anything that has meaning to you. 

There are many reasons people do art; for money, enjoyment, memories,  representations or just for the love of creating art. I just do art because I like it, I don't particularly spend hours and hours on one piece of art just to make money I do it because it means something to me. 

I don't personally think I'm awesome at art. I just do it to express my feelings. Not many years ago when I was younger I used to think art was just about making everything perfect I used to spend months making slight changes to my work. In the end it just turned out to be worse with all those eraser markings all over it I was doing that for years until once at my mum's birthday I was making a birthday card with pens, textass, glitter glue and other permanent things, I made a mistake and when I found out I couldn't change it or start again, I just had to accept the error. Since then I mostly just draw pencil sketches or make small clay models, sometimes I even just make things out of toilet rolls, cardboard sticks and other small recycled materials.

One of my favourite pieces of art is this ceramic plate, it took six hours to make and it was quite a fun experience. I made it be moulding some clay in to the shape of a plate we used a few metal circular moulds and a skewer. Then I fired it and waited for it to harden. I designed my picture on an A4 sheet of paper in pencil then I copied it on to the plate. After that I went over it with a coloured permanent markers. For the finishing touch I coated it with two layers of hot glase and it was finished.

My inspiration came from the art from the Asian gallery in the City of Sydney Art Gallery. I liked the way all the professional ceramics looked, most of them only had blue and white, yet the colours seemed to come out strikingly.

To do good art you should always have an inspiration, inspirations can include the natural environment, nature or it doesn't even have to be a solid thing like imagination, memories and future ideas all these things can be included for inspiration. I've always liked imagination for an inspiration but now I am starting to use reality. I might not be a professional artistm but I do know one thing... just let your hand flow.

- Kalaish

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