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Lockyer Valley Land Art Project
12 Aug 2014
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Farmers and Artists within Lockyer Valley come together to creatively explore resilience and community identity. The Land Art project aims to support farming communities and our broader community a strong sense of own cultural identity across the Lockyer Valley. Four artists will be staying with four farming families across the Lockyer Valley over April - May 2014. During their stay they will create four unique artworks with the families and their extended farming communities. These artworks will be presented at an informal gathering at the completion of each stay -- a local neighbour focused celebration. In the final week of the project they will work together to create an collaborative exhibition work which will be open to wider community participation and public audience at the Lockyer Rural Lifestyle Expo. The Land Art Project is one of the Lockyer Valley Arts Corps' local responses to ongoing impacts of the 2011 and 2013 floods, to celebrate our community and reflect that in a farmer's day-to-day life -- in fact our whole community's day to day life - they are creative by necessity. This project has been funded by the Queensland State Government through Arts Queensland and their Creative Recovery Initiative and Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal.

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