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Towards an Asian village of art and music without borders
16 Sep 2014
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A discussion about The Asian Village Radio Show project and other possibilities for virtual collaboration among artists and musicians in Asia and Australasia.

The session will discuss the work of the Asian Movement for People’s Music and its Asian Village Radio Show project as an example of transnational collaboration of socially-engaged artists and musicians. The session will discuss gains and challenges with this project, and will invite participants to contribute other examples of similar activities. The session will seek to compile insights, suggestions, and agreed actions from the discussions that will inform efforts to build and foster greater collaboration among artists in Asia and Australasia.

The facilitators are Jesus Manuel Santiago of the Asian Movement for People’s Music, Joseph Purugganan of Focus on the Global South, and Christian Ramilo of Darwin Community Arts.

Jesús Manuel Santiago is a Filipino male poet, songwriter, singer-composer, protest musician and translator. He has been a leading figure of the people’s music movement in the Philippines since the 1970s. He is currently the leader of the Asian Movement for People’s Music, which he founded after completing his research, “The Song as Venue for Developmental Education and People’s Advocacy in Okinawa, Chiangmai and Yogyakarta,” as a fellow of the Nippon Foundation’s Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellowship Program (2005-2006).

Joseph Purugganan is an independent songwriter and activist from the Philippines. Joseph has written and performed songs as part of the Village Idiots, a band that evolved from Banda RR, a collaborative project among NGO workers/musicians to write and perform songs and promote music as a tool/platform for community organizing and education. He is currently Program Officer of Focus on the Global South working mainly on the thematic areas of trade and investment, as well as climate and environmental justice.

Christian Ramilo is Executive Officer of Darwin Community Arts (DCA). He was a singer-songwriter and activist during the Marcos years in the Philippines. He has been a community artist in Australia since migrating here in 1986. He came to Darwin in 1992 to produce a play about Filipino-Larrakia links and stayed on.

All three are singer-songwriters and members of the Asian Movement for Peoples Music (APM) collective. The collective manages the Asian People’s Music website, which serves as an online platform for the promotion of socially engaged music from Asia and the rest of the world. The collective has also produced two one‐hour long episodes of the Asian Village Radio Show featuring music and discussing relevant issues from around the region.

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