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Uncovering Possibilities in the Top End
14 Jul 2014
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dLab facilitators Daz and Elle have recently arrived home from a two-week stint up in the Northern Territory where they enjoyed some positive experiences.


Working with local organisations, JobfindYouthWorX NT and Djilpin Arts, Daz and Elle were introduced to a number of very interested participants and members of the community during the residency. Along with their constant support and guidance, the facilitators joined by Jobfind intern, Erin, were able to deliver some well received workshops.

The young people used their natural surroundings as the backdrop to develop some short films and then worked on editing techniques to finesse their final products. Erin was invaluable in helping to ensure procedures ran smoothly and was able to bring more participants into the fold.

One of the highlights for both Daz and Elle was a visit to the Banatjarl Women’s Centre to meet some of the key women involved in the rejuvenation of the bush medicine/tucker gardens that had previously been destroyed by fire. This visit gave the facilitators some program ideas and possible directions to follow in terms of delivering relevant outcomes to the specific area.

Botany and the science of flora and cultivation were highlighted as topics to be further explored in future residencies. Those on the ground were excited to see some outside interest in the gardens and are looking forward to reinvigorating the area and keeping the traditional stories alive. Whist there, participants were given tools and advice on best practice in interviewing, including sound and different camera shots.

This latest trip up north was timed to coincide with the annual Walking with Spirits Festival that celebrates the Katherine region, its people, culture and the environment. Daz and Elle, along with some participants, were given the opportunity to create a short film for the festival to highlight the history, the participating artists, the music and the physical context. The Wak Wak video made during the last residency was also screened for the first time in a public arena, giving those involved in the production the chance to show their efforts to a large audience.

dLab is thrilled to have the support of Djilpin Arts’ team members Tommy and Fleur as they provided unique insight and detailed knowledge of the area and they are able to open access points that will allow the program to flourish in the region.

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