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Beauaraba Hotel Pittsworth c 1880
23 Sep 2014
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Beauaraba Hotel built c 1876, 1st building in Pittsworth, which was then called Beauaraba.  Built by Daniel Sullivan for James Tyson Donnelly.  The town grew around this hotel  The local race club held horse races starting and finishing at the light post out the front. Many of the old photographs taken (including this one) were taken by Herbert John Pardy, who often set up a travelling studio at the Beauaraba Hotel.  Pardy stayed there many times and many years later glass negatives were discovered under the floorboards.


The Beauaraba Hotel was a single storey wooden building with stables out the back.  Part of the original building is still there today, owned by Lindenberg & Co. Pty Ltd.  The Beauaraba Hotel was situated on the corner now known as Yandilla & Murray Street.

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Comments (2)
Feral Arts Tue, 23 Sep 2014 11:24pm

Hi Kaye 

Brilliant photo and great story!


Cherie Allan Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:23am

I am now curious to know why there was a name change from Beauaraba to Pittsworth and a little of the history behind these names.