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Multicultural Choir
27 Sep 2014
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The Multicultural (a'capella) Choir first formed in 1992. The Choir worked in collaborative partnerships with artists from the diverse communities that represent Melbourne. It performed in over 30 languages and worked with Indigenous Australians, Italian, Chinese, PNG, Vietnamese, Greek, Irish, Macedonian, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Uruguayan and Bangladeshi community artists, just as an indication of the diversity of their performances.

As well as regular Music Hive concerts at Footscray Community Arts Centre, the Choir performed at local festivals and events. The Choir participated in stage productions, singing with the Hellenic Women's Choir in 'Snow in Brunswick' (1999) and Giao Chi in 'Homeland' (1998) and performed at the Melbourne Concert Hall as part of the Millennium Chorus. The Multicultural Choir starred amongst a cast of 80 performers and musicians in its own production, 'The Color of Water - La Murga Multicultural' (2001) at the Clocktower Theatre, with Pedro Figari, Voce della Luna and many others.
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