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15 Oct 2014


 George Seelaf  “G’day Comrade”

Your focus on George is a nice touch. He was an extraordinary man who deserves the recognition and whom I  loved spending time with.

George was a good man, humble, dynamic, unwavering in his politics ("G'day Comrade"), well experienced and strategic by the time he got to me. We were both members of the committee that preceded the incorporation of FCAC and the obtaining of premises. I was a bored truckie poet and was not interested in the committee, but in running a poetry workshop, which in late 1973 was the first FCAC arts activity.  The committee was chaired by Peter Green. Peter and the members of the committee other than George and I were academics at what was then the Footscray Institute of Technology (FIT).  They were not residents of the West and were tentative about their right to impose the arts on the community. About 6 months after I started the poetry workshop FIT provided FCAC with its first premises for a peppercorn… a derelict factory off Ballarat Road. 

Robert Hughes FCAC Director 1976-1982


The story continues…


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