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Change Media - Unley: World In My Eyes
26 Nov 2010
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The Change Media Team ran 2x 1-day video production workshops with young people in the Unley district at the Fullarton Park Centre on June 20th and 27th 2010. The participants developed digital media and film making skills and produce 6 short film and dozens of interviews. The “Unley – World In My Yyes” films are a quirky expression on how young people perceive their council area. The workshops supported them to learn digital media skills, from storyboarding, to camera work, sound recording and editing and enabled them to record their experiences about living in Unley.

Watch - The Chase

Watch - Perspectives of Unley

Watch - Invisible Sports 1 + 2

Watch - Sanctuary

Watch - Unley In The Eyes Of The Unlians

Watch - Unley Witch Project

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