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10x14 Bricks - Stories From Youth In Lock-Up
26 Nov 2010
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10×14 Bricks – Stories from Youth in Lock-up was produced at Cavan Secure Care Facility (SA) and its Youth Education Centre [DECS] over a 5-week intensive workshop. Participants learnt essential 21st Century digital media skills to create relevant crime prevention messages for their peers. In candid meet-the-director documentaries and in their own films young offenders share their life choices about crime and the consequences.

10×14 Bricks won the SA Screen Awards 2009 for Best Innovation in Digital Media and was nominated for Best Editing and Best Cinematography.

Watch the youth films and ‘meet the director’ documentaries here:

CHOICES: Watch Compact Crib + Meet the Director [6’ 31] Shane is 15, he knows it is not fun in lock up but he keeps coming back. What does he need to do to break the cycle?

ANGER: Watch Angry, Young, Male + Meet the Director [10’ 48] Bayden is 17, after a drunken night he woke up in a police cell charged with attempted murder. What does he need to do to control his anger?

REGRET: Watch If Only… + Meet the Director [10’ 49] + Restorative Justice [6’ 23] Sam is 18, he regrets committing armed robbery to finance a drug debt. What does he need to do to avoid future events that could lead to crime? What is the impact of your offence on you, your family, your victims?

HOPE: Watch Another Day in this Place + Meet the Director [10’ 48] Robert is 18, he feels like he is trapped in a cage, waiting for the day he can leave. What can he do to make his dreams become reality?

FREEDOM: Watch Getting Out, Staying Out + Meet the Director [12’31] Greg is 17, he is ʻjust an Indigenous boy trying to get through life and come out on topʼ. What does he need to do to stay out of trouble? What support is available?

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