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24 Oct 2014
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hillsceneLIVE is a cultural development project for emerging and experimental artists,

Framed around four quarterly mini-festivals of arts and culture, hillsceneLIVE supports the bold, brave, risky and experimental arts scene, predominantly in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.

After launching as a series of mini-festivals in 2014, hillsceneLIVE will grow in 2015 to comprise three distinct strands, being:
- Quarterly, curated performance events, showcasing local experimental or emerging artists, alongside guests from the wider community, working across Theatre, Dance, Sound, Installation and Live Art

- Monthly professional development workshops and networking sessions for local artists, delivered by a range of experts from commercial, cultural and industry organisations. Workshops focus upon the enhancement of skills in marketing, networking, project partnerships, sustainability, community development and funding.

- Practical industry experience through the establishment of an ‘leadership committee’, comprising of four female artist/producers. This strand of the project works toward fostering strong leadership skills in women artists, who will forge careers as cultural champions of the future.

hillsceneLIVE seeks to develop an audience and appreciation of experiemental live art in the hills, whilst supporting nad developing the practice of experimental artists locally and wider.

The aims of the project include:
- support the creative development of emerging and experimental artists, by providing access to professional performance opportunities;

- deliver professional development opportunities to local artists, to cultivate community minded, self-sufficient cultural leaders of the future;

- create connections between local artists and industry, through the establishment of an ‘advisory committee’ for events;

- develop artist skills through participation in professional workshops from commercial, social and cultural industry specialists;

- reinterpret and reimage alternative local spaces into ’pop-up’ performance venues, fostering a sense of community ‘pride of place’;

- celebrate the creative practice of performing artists, by curating high quality public performance events;

- expose local artists to new networks and audiences, thus developing a culture of appreciation for experimental performing arts;

- provide positive cultural and social experiences for the public and community;

- create artistic networks between local artists and guests from the wider arts community,

- create opportunities for the creative expression of young, all-ability and culturally diverse artists, helping create a socially inclusive cultural community.

In 2014 this project is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria and the University of Melbourne, Faculty of VCA and Music, through a graduate Professional Pathways Program, with significant in-kind and organisational input from Burrinja Cultural Centre.

In 2015, hillsceneLIVE will continue it's relationship with Burrinja Cultural Centre, is part funded through the Shire of Yarra Ranges (confirmed), and potentially two other sources (tbc on funding outcomes).
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