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An Open Letter to Ann
23 Oct 2014
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Dear Ann,

Although your initial thought may be “who the threads is this?,”  I’ll end the suspicion with a little explanation.

But firstly, thank you for the fantastic fabric strips you provided to Art Partners for their ‘One World Globe’ project. It got under way at the Social Work and Community Services expo at Bunbury ECU on 14th October 2014. Thanks to your gracious contribution, can we now consider this the Globe’s day of birth? Here’s a photo of the bouncing baby project, nursed in the caring hands of Helen Seiver.

As for me, I was in attendance at the expo, and honoured to be part of the creative process, not least because I was able to meet many of the wonderful people associated with Art Partners. Unfortunately I was unable to meet you on the day, but I hope to in the future; I’m sure our ropes will cross one day.

Kindest regards,

Renee Kaczmarcka

Art Bunbury Community Culture ECU Health Partners Regional Rural
Comments (2)
Helen Seiver Fri, 24 Oct 2014 1:01pm

I agree with Renee Ann. It was incredibly helpful to have that basket of cut fabricwith such an array of fabulous colours and patterns!  Thankyou so much. Helen

Art Partners Mon, 3 Nov 2014 12:30am

Thanks: to Renee for this beautiful open letter; to Helen for stopping by PlaceStories; and, to Ann for all the gorgeous fabric strips.  What a team!