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A Moment In Time
24 Oct 2014
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A unique community based photography project which taps into the popularity of digital image sharing, encouraging everyone, from amateurs to experienced photographers, to submit images from their day. Participants were encouraged to use smart phones, compact digital cameras, DSLRs or any other tools at their disposal to take the digital photographs.
Every photograph reveals an individual story and every story forms part of our collective memory, providing an incredible snapshot of life from the perspective of hundreds of people of around our town.
People can choose their own theme, however they are encouraged to take a photo which represents something of meaning to them or represents an experience they had on the day.
On August 19th (World Photo Day) South West residents were encouraged to take a photo which is meaningful to them, wherever they are on that day. These photos were collected by the City of Bunbury, printed by Camera House Bunbury (main sponsor and project collaborator) and initially exhibited in a local laneway space on the 23rd August.
The photos are now a 'traveling exhibition' and were displayed in the library and other participating businesses.
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