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Word Players writing group
28 Oct 2014
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Word Players was formed by Rees Campbell as a group for north west coast Tasmanian writers who were interested in critically analysing their own and each other’s work. The group meets every month to share work, participate in some writing exercises, and of course, to share a bottle or two of wine. Rees, as facilitator encourages and motivates the writers to develop their own writing confidence and skills, as well as support and analyse other writers.
Generally meeting at ArtsCape in Wynyard, on the third Thursday evening of the month; the group currently has about 24 members with at least 12 turning up each meeting.
The format is simple, and the rules bendable. Each meeting a topic, genre or technique is chosen; and members write on that for the following meeting. Any genre is fine, as is a very tenuous association with the set topic. Work is shared, and some level of analysis is enjoyed. Often there will be an exercise or technique explained. All participants pay a gold coin to the kitty, and take turns bringing nibbles or drinks.
All writers are expected to read out their work if they feel comfortable, and the only strict rule is a word limit. So that everyone gets a chance, up to 350 words may be shared at any one meeting. Of course, people can read excerpts of longer works.
The group is self-funding, but has the use of the community arts building ArtsCape.
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