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Feast Queer Youth Drop In
31 Oct 2014
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The Feast Youth Drop In came about when the SA Dept of Health closed the health service and Drop In for same sex attracted young people over 2 years ago.

After lobbying and protesting didn't bear fruit the Festival initiated the Drop In as there was a need for a safe social space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, interest and queer ( LGBTIQ) young people between 15-25 years old to hang out, relax, meet others and be themselves.

The Drop In happens on the 2nd and 4th Thursday's of each month from 6pm- 9pm at a cafe in the city of Adelaide. There are 2 Drop In Coordinators, both of whom are arts workers and I am the project mentor. There is also a Drop In committee of young people.
Arts activités are part of the Drop In and there is always food. is Adelaide's Queer Cultural Festival. Feast takes place annually in November.

In Feast's 18 year history we have initiated many Community Cultural Development projects working with marginalised groups within the queer community.

Health LGBTQI Young People Multi-disciplinary Artist Arts Manager Facilitator Queer
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