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Crowd Theory. 2004
31 Oct 2014
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In 2004, Footscray Community Arts Centre and Melbourne-based artist Simon Terrill, came together to create a project that involved communities closely connected to FCAC and Melbourne’s West. What emerged was ‘Crowd Theory’ - a project that explored how communities imagine themselves through a unique process of ‘performative photography’ - allowing participants to literally inhabit their own idea of community.

Our Birthday Party postcard, the first of which is captured in ‘Crowd Theory - Footscray, 2004’, has the Maribyrnong River and Melbourne city skyline forming a spectacular backdrop with members of the community engaged in a process of ‘construction’ – construction of how their identities are represented and thus construction of the event and resulting photo. The large scale of the event and photograph reflect the immense scope involved in the act of imagining communities. Given the innumerable range of ways in which identities can be expressed, why do communities imagine themselves as they do? How do communities become represented (and ‘representative’)?
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