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North Carolina Arts Council Foundation
31 Oct 2014
Mission: To foster and promote the growth, progress and general welfare of the North Carolina Arts Council and its programs. By way of illustration, but not of limitation, the Foundation may solicit and promote the making of gifts and donations; make donations for the establishment or support of any programs, initiatives or functions of the Arts Council; contract with individuals or companies for services that allow the Arts Council to further its work; supplement or contribute to the compensation of any persons employed by the Arts Council; make donations providing for performances, concerts, readings and educational programs related to the Arts Council’s work; make donations to grant programs administered by the Arts Council;  support educational publications or events of the Arts Council; make donations for the construction of buildings or other permanent improvements or for the purchase of other property which will contribute to the Arts Council’s mission; purchase works of art; and generally to contribute to any and all objects, projects, functions, services and activities now or hereafter carried on or sponsored by the Arts Council.
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