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Art-Re-Cycle bike repair station
1 Nov 2014
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Recently the Unley council (in Adelaide) granted Theofania to create a bike repair station for the City of Unley. This concept of hers came from shared discussions with the local Unley community and the cycling community. Bike repair structures are commonly seen interstate and overseas.

The Art-Re-Cycle bike repair station is an integrated artistic and functional, public art structure. The top half is a brightly coloured powder-coated artistic sculpture made of recycled bike parts and the lower half provides a range of permanently attached tools to make simple repairs to bikes, pram and even wheelchairs. This structure allows free public access 24 hours a day to make minor repairs thereby liberating cyclists/pram and wheelchair users from needing to carry tools or tyre pump on their person at all times.

The Adelaide bike/cycling culture is growing rapidly and therefore more infrastructure is required to both support and sustain it.

Theofania collaborated with Spel Design to fabricate and install this public art structure.

The intent was to have several of these structures placed within the CBD and outer areas of the city, to be cost effective. Multiple manufacture is more cost efficient than using multiple resources to produce one item at a time. This was a seed project.
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