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Graffiti Gallery Wall
1 Nov 2014
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In art history the term "Graffiti" is applied to works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface/wall. Today however, graffiti has evolved considerably into large scale high quality art, in open spaces. Hence the title Graffiti Gallery Wall.

Graffiti Gallery Wall is a novel 24hr exhibition space using an existing vacant wall. The wall has semi-permanent-attached Wall Units comprised of inter-clicking wall-art-panels, show-casing a variety of street art, exhibited on rotation by a curator. The concept came about from discussions with businesses, councils and community who experienced "visual fatigue" to the permanency of murals, vandalism and long-term unused "dead space".

Graffiti Gallery Wall is an on-going rotational periodic art exhibition.
This Gallery encourages, supports and promotes contemporary graffiti-style and ephemeral street art. The Gallery potentially allows the platform to show case collaborative visual art projects within special events, ie. Fringe Festival, SALA Festival, SA Writers Festival, Indigenous Art Festival, Comic-con Festival, etc.

Theofania collaborated with Spel Design who fabricated and installed the wall panels.

Theofania subsidized the seed project and is currently seeking funding for a large scale Graffiti Gallery Wall for Adelaide's CBD East End and West End.
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