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'Take Me, I'm Yours'
2 Nov 2014
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Take Me, I'm Yours was a project focusing on how the city can be reframed as a participatory experience, which can be encouraged in dormant spaces of the city. These works were placed in Mountfield and Howard Lane in Brunswick, Victoria. Brunswick is a suburb with hundreds of kilometres of networks of laneways, that are largely under utilised. There is already a culture of interventionist street art occurring in these neighbourhoods. Currently there is a grass roots community movement reclaiming these public spaces, looking at strategies of how these lanes can become shared community spaces through art, culture and gardening activities. Working with the local residents of the street, these ceramic works contributed to the groups community garden, developed from this process of reclamation. The group is also actively involved with the protection and refurbishment of these lanes and how the lanes can remain relevant spaces to the community. So this art work Take Me, I'm Yours is my contribution to the community, in an attempt to stimulate active, creative and participatory spaces.

Activism Environment Craft Play Public Art Academic Artist Project Participant Networking
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