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The Group
4 Nov 2014
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In 2001 we began meeting in one another’s homes. As the numbers grew we sought a larger table and moved our fortnightly meetings to the Kitchen of the St Andrews Church Hall. Embroidery, appliqué and for most a tentative exploration of quilting techniques were then the chief activities.


Workshops enlisting help from professionals, retreats, visits to inspirational patchwork shops in many centres and the sharing of ideas and skills have given many the confidence to have a go. Today we meet weekly in the old library room in the School of Arts building and almost every time someone displays their most recent masterpiece in the making. The increasing difficulty and the rich palette of harmonizing colours used is a reflection of how people’s skills have developed to a very sophisticated level. Everyone confidently manipulates their chosen textiles to achieve an originally unique item.


A weekend workshop held in may say 15 people guided by a visiting tutor Camille, combine an array of stunning fabric to make Bargello quilts that prompted many favourable comments from visitors to our exhibition during the recent Craft and Fine Foods weekend.

The group is an example of a caring body of should who genuinely respect one another’s opinions, skills and ideas and willingly share their knowledge. Some days knitting or crocheting is the focus, another day a difficult embroidery stitch may need to the help of an expert familiar with every stitch created. We all enjoy the friendly, welcoming company in a relaxed atmosphere; often our stitchery is secondary to simply enjoying a cuppa and chat savoring the treats supplied by our resident cooks. 

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Comments (2)
Lyndall Madden Tue, 4 Nov 2014 11:51am

What a lot of "busy Bees" you are!  A lovely story of what you all love doing.  Congratulations Jenny on putting this together.  Lyndall M 

Cherie Allan Tue, 4 Nov 2014 11:06pm

Sounds like a great mix of work and play! The next step might be to go digital - finding patterns and fabrics, meeting similar groups online and having your own 'project' on PlaceStories. But remember to link it to the Pittsworth Stories project.