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How We've Grown - Blak fellas & FCAC
6 Nov 2014
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From Paola Balla, to Marcus Hughes, to Bo Sovoronos, to Lydia Fairhall - from Jen Barry to Jade Lillie and a host of brilliant staff and its Indigenous Advisory Group the FCAC has grown and developed its Blak programs. From Blak Side Story, to Indigenous exhibitions, to Wominjeka, to My Lover's Bones (and many others) the doors of FCAC have been open for local and other mob to enter, enjoy, participate and celebrate. FCAC has welcomed Carolyn Briggs (Boonwurrung) and Larry Walsh (Taungurung) as Elders, provided a space for them and 'the mob' to come and gather, to talk and share and design and maintain. It has always been mindful of cultural protocols, and may have got some of them wrong; but I can't remember that (or perhaps people weren't talking about it...). It has always been respectful and open to blak dialogue and the importance of real and on-the-ground consultation.

I think my experiences at FCAC have been like that of 'family' - I know that I can walk in the door and someone will greet me, even if they don't know me, and this will make me feel welcome. The people of FCAC are committed to 'community', to collaborating with community - just like us blak fellas are, and this is what makes the space and place and people special! I am especially thankful for FCAC giving up their space and generous support to hold the significant Paola Balla art auction a few years back, an event that greatly assisted her and her family in a time of great need.

Thank you and giant hugs on your 40th Birthday! Here's to many more to come.
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Tom Cho 曹勵善 Thu, 6 Nov 2014 7:13am

Gorgeous pic! <3