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The Russell Theatre — Maysville, Kentucky
6 Nov 2014
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The Russell Theatre first opened in Maysville, Kentucky in 1930. After several management changes and many years of complete closure, the venue is now being restored to its original grandeur. Those involved in the restoration hope that The Russell will eventually provide, “themed movie marathons, classics, documentaries, art films, and other movies not available at mainstream cinemas.”

See Michael Tyler McDaniel’s documentary on The Russell’s restoration to learn more about Maysville’s movie palace and what its reopening would mean to the community. In the documentary, citizens of Maysville recall times when regular screenings made downtown lively. One elder resident says that by preserving the history of the town and offering a unique cultural resource to newcomers, the theatre’s eventual restoration might be “the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Maysville.”

MAYSVILLE, KENTUCKY**, the image above, is licensed CC 2.0 by gobucks2. 

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