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'my completely disaffection-free grant application experience'
30 Nov 2010
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In July 2008, (a couple of months before turning 40 and 12 years after writing the first of many performing arts grant applications!) I embarked on an 8-week international travel Churchill Fellowship: LA, NYC, London, Cambridge, Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Potsdam, Brussels, Ghent, Madrid, Barcelona. The application process was SO fantastic. It was three pages long plus two one-page references followed by a second stage interview with a smiling and warm panel of around 10. All those involved in selecting are utterly enthused about what the Fellowship could offer me. An absolute minimum of administration and no bureaucracy. It was SO far from arts funding processes that I kept needing to pinch myself. There was no need to filter my artistic desire through the colander of cultural policy criteria that exists in all levels of govt funding. The selection process was like a balm after working in the small to medium not-for-profit arts sector as an arts executive in companies. It was such a joy to be trusted so completely to know what, when and where would best professionally develop me.... it was SO 'artistic-rationale-free' and it offered me insight into how humane face-to-face selection processes are. After selling my art/self/soul via words on a page for so many years it felt good to front up and simply share my passion and perspective. The panel knew exactly what they were looking for and they knew they would NEVER find it on a page...

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Sue Beyer Wed, 28 Nov 2012 2:20am

Thanks for your story. I'm going to apply for one :-)