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Women's Circus - Donna Jackson
8 Nov 2014
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A memorable time at Footscray Community Arts Centre was about the staff here really working hard and when I was setting up the Women’s Circus we had a logo of a woman leaping as our design and we wanted a photograph of a woman leaping and we couldn’t find a photograph of a woman leaping so I decided I was going to go outside and leap off the balcony of Footscray Arts Centre. I asked the staff, there was about 8 staff to stand underneath me with their arms joined together and to catch me as I leapt off the balcony. We got the photographer, Viv Mehes, to take a photo, to try and get a photo for this logo. All the staff came outside, left their desks, and I leapt off the balcony and they all caught me.

For me that’s a sort symbol of Footscray Arts Centre - the staff really go 110%. I was really lucky to be at a place you can leap off a balcony and set up a circus and people say yeah lets do that!
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