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Healthy environment = Healthy community = Healthy economy
30 Nov 2010
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There is hysteria being whipped up by the uncertainty of the MDB Briefing. After all it is only a briefing and the community has a chance to respond. But I believe the health of the river system is paramount, and it is the scare mongering by a few who are afraid to look at water efficiencies as the answer. As we live at the end of the MDBasin, we are acutely aware of what happens upstream. In 2002 we started to worry about the drought upstream, Dredging began at the Murray Mouth to allow sea water in because there was no water coming down and the Murray Mouth would have closed. By 2004 we were bracing ourselves for the full impact of the upstream drought. By 2007, Lake Albert had started to dry up, to the point we could not access water for our irrigation and certainly not for stock water. We were warned to be prepared for being exposed to acid sulphates,in the dry lakebed. In 2008, a rubble wall was constructed between Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert, cutting us off from natural river flows. In 2010, the drought broke, the water is flowing. Lake Albert is still partially cut off from fresh water flows and salinity is still very high, at 10,000 ec units, too high for stock water, and too high for irrigation. Approximately 90% of our water allocation has been sold off from Lake Albert. Dairies closed down, irrigation stopped, and the community suffered. Land values plummetted, school numbers declined, health issues rose, the domino effect happened. During our bad times of no water, all we heard was the sounds of silence...no frogs, no birds, just silence. The community was struggling. But now that the water has returned we have trouble sleeping at night because of the noise of the frogs, ducks and birds. A lovely sound, If our environment can recover, then there is hope for us all. There are now smiles on the faces of all in our community and we look forward to a healthy economic future. But the rivers must be looked after for our future generations.and they must be allowed to flow and flush out to its final destination, the Ocean. We cannot continue to take out water without consideration of the future.

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