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Steve Roper
9 Nov 2014
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87 a was a dusty hot and noisy building located in the middle of of a car park, the first home of FCAC and my first contact in 1976. as a recreation student at FIT now VU we has classes at 87 a Ballarat road.Through the great Peter Green we were all conscripted into the development of the FCAC and I remember well digging out the area that is now the outdoor stage of metres of rubbish soil and pig mature. I am so impressed with the outcomes so far away in those days.
as a recreation student and workers FCAC was a bench mark on how to do do visionary things which many of us have tried to translate into many other places. I returned here on a couple of occasions to build giant street sculptures as part of the Australian -anarchist centenary celebrations in 1988 and through some work with the women's circus. even in my current location 4000 klms away I still hear of FCAC. all the best and a strong healthy future.
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