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Milpirri Festival 2014
15 Nov 2014
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Presented by the Warlpiri People of Lajamanu and Tracks Dance Company

An impressive cross-generational performance

“Sitting in the red dust under a full moon, absorbed by the dancers, soaking up their stories. Such a magical experience”.

Set against a backdrop of dramatic and damaging change for Warlpiri people in the Tanami Desert, the success of this ever-evolving event is testament to its ongoing importance to this remote community and the ongoing relationship between Tracks and the community. Started in 2005, the Milpirri project success story is marked by themes of continuity and adaptability with a focus on fitness, learning, and cultural identity.

This year’s Milpirri performance draws on themes and values from the Jarda-Warnpa ceremony. This Warlpiri “Fire” ceremony is associated with atonement and reconciliation.
Indigenous Dance
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