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Poem by Chas.A.Thomas
17 Nov 2014
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October month of colours grand,

in streets, in yards in lanes,

The Silky Oaks a picture stands,

a glorious golden hue sustains.

And Jacaranda time is here,

with tones of purest blue and mauve,

These two compete to glad the heart

down any street one cares to roam.

But when the Oak for neighbour takes

a Jacaranda tree for shade,

the mauve and gold combine to make

a picture fine for any glade.

Our heritage so oft depends on thoughts

and actions long hence tried.

We thank those heads and hands that strove

The trees still live though they have died.

Yes - Pittsworth is its very best,

when Oak and Jacaranda bloom,

Open our hearts and eyes to know,

give love and beauty worthy  room.

Comments (2)
Lyndall Madden Wed, 26 Nov 2014 1:00pm

A beautiful photo to illustrate the poem, Barbara.  With a little bit of help we will add a bit of information about the author.  Cheers Lyndall

Cherie Allan Mon, 22 Dec 2014 8:22pm

This peom reminds me of the mural at the Function Centre.