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Tough Guise - Country Arts SA - a men's health project
18 Nov 2014
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Change and Adaptation is a 3 year partnership program connecting arts, health and the environment. It was established with the awareness that change is the biggest driver in the contemporary world.

This Change and Adaptation project is a partnership between Country Arts SA and Southern Fleurieu Health Service

A series of 4 panels were developed around the theme of Men's Health using the central figure of Superman – debunking the ‘Superman’ image. The panels are accompanied by audio stories of local men who describe their health journeys. The panels are portable and designed to travel to various sites where they can be accessed by men. Artist Mike Tye worked with the Ngarrindjeri community and men from the Health Service.

Funded through The Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Communities Partnership Initiative with Country Arts SA and contributions from project partners.
Activism Environment Health Indigenous Regional Sound Storytelling Visual Arts Artist CACD practitioner Govt worker Conferences Networking Presentation
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