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Off the Wall - ELF Mural - Change and Adaptation, Country Arts SA
18 Nov 2014
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Change and Adaptation is a 3 year partnership program connecting arts, health and the environment. It was established with the awareness that change is the biggest driver in the contemporary world.

During the course of the Change and Adaptation (Country Arts SA) program, a major infrastructure project was introduced to significantly rebuild the Southern Fleurieu Community Health Service. OFF THE WALL - a series of 10 portable panels from a child's view of health and happiness was developed by children for a mobile 3D mural in the ELF garden in the new facility, in partnership with Victor Harbor Community Childcare Centre, Early Learning and Families Unit at Southern Fleurieu Health Service.

The creation of these panels reflected the organic and spontaneous approach the artists Barbary O’Brien and Rebecca Hicks took as well as a balance of accident and design. Children were invited to draw and paint according to various themes such as movement, but were also diverted by many other ideas they came up with on the day. The background was layered on and the children’s drawings were superimposed afterwards by the artists. Each panel has holes through them into which found objects can be placed and are also for the 3D elements that represent facial features, parts of the body and creatures and these can be moved to any hole on the mural. The mural is ever changeable, highly interactive and an important role as a teaching aid for health practitioners and educators as well as colourful and fun.

Funded through The Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Communities Partnership Initiative with Country Arts SA and contributions from project partners.
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