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19 Nov 2014
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The FIVE project aims to reduce stigma around mental health by engaging communities in arts activities that facilitate dialogue around wellbeing and provide opportunities for self-expression and advocacy.

Over the past two years, FIVE has run projects in five Western Australian communities: Busselton, Geraldton, Derby, Esperance and Paraburdoo. In each community, large community sculptural works were created for exhibition, and a digital artwork eliciting community narratives around the idea of 'belonging' was created.

In December, a large and permanent sculpture made by miners and the community of Paraburdoo will be unveiled. The ambitious project used controlled on-site blasts to create the steel plate used in the sculpture. The community cut and polished the large stone for the sculpture at the Paraburdoo Men's Shed, reactivating this as a vibrant community space. The project is a unique contribution to Australian public art.

In 2015, FIVE commences in five new communities in Western Australia under an expanded Collective Impacts model.

The project is led by DADAA with additional core partners Rio Tinto (Principal Partner) and Australia Council for the Arts (Arts Partner)
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