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20 Nov 2014
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“Precious” is a community arts project set over two years working with the older citizens of Unley. Older residents from Unley were invited to nominate their most significant objects to be a part of an exhibition of objects, stories, photographs and multi-media at the Unley Museum and Library in 2010. In the first year of the project 23 residents were interviewed and filmed with their objects. Their objects were used to assist them in telling their stories that were based around the objects’ significance and emotional content. In the second year the stories were transcribed, more photographs taken with exhibition design in mind, the filmed interviews edited and 18 of the objects, along with images and text from the interviews exhibited in the Access Gallery at the Unley Museum and Unley Library.

The outcomes were a collection of stories from elderly residents from different walks of life that will paint a portrait of the elderly community in Unley with insight into their varied values, interests, cultural habits and significant historical highlights. The stories provided Council and the community with a snap shop of the past and present, not only of the City of Unley but the people who lived here. The acted as a celebration of Seniors Week and attracted seniors from both within and outside the council area. As the exhibition ran for 3 months in the Museum it was incorporated in to the Museum’s education program, encouraging cross generational interactions.

The project costs were $ 25 000 plus the time of Council staff.
Children Cultural Diversity Education Heritage Older People DIgital Arts Film and Video Multi-disciplinary Photography Artist CACD practitioner Collaborator Consultant Curator Funder Govt worker Project Participant Researcher
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