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Peterborough Papier Mache & Wireworkers
22 Nov 2014
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We are a small group who meet weekly from Sep to March each year in the former Railways Goods Shed. Our aim is to create unique sculptures made from wire and papier mache. Many hours are consumed forming our artworks.  Workshops are open to anyone who'd like to have a go, for a nominal fee, and everyone is encouraged to try this intriguing artform. 

We hold an exhibition as part of the annual Peterborough Art & Cultural Festival (held for 10 days up to and including Easter weekend). Each year one of our group makes a sculpture for our raffle and we photograph and sell images of our work. These activities, along with a small entry fee for the exhibition, raise funds, which go to Peterborough Festival Inc., who is the organising committee. 

Peterborough Festival Inc. is mainly self-funding, with a small levy taken out of entry fees at "Official Festival Events" to help with advertising. Other fundraising activities include asking local businessess to advertise in our 'showbags'. A small fee is charged for this, then the bags given 'free' to Festival-goers. The District Council of Peterborough supports our activities, as do local individuals and businessess.

Visit our website www.ourpeterboroughsouthaustralia.com.au

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