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The In Bed Project
25 Nov 2014
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The Project
How it all began…

Frustrated by Australia’s stance on Marriage Equality and inspired by John and Yoko’s ‘Bed-In’ protest, I decided to have a Marriage Equality Bed-In. I called it: The In Bed Project.

It is a simple plan…

In the context of the bed, I photograph singles, couples, families and all who support Marriage Equality. The photos are then posted to my website to create one awesome photographic marriage equality project.

The more portraits we have, the stronger our voice.

I know that much about how we achieve change is through protest and rallies and they have their place. But I thought by launching this quiet online project , we could add another dimension to the voice for Marriage Equality. Like John and Yoko’s protest, it’s fun and with a very real objective.

This project is not only about raising awareness of our rights to marriage equality,but it’s also a historical record, a snapshot of this time.

Once I have 100+ portraits I hope to have an exhibition and drive a small media campaign to raise awareness of our fight for equality.

This project is funded solely by myself.
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