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The Tasmanian Theatre Awards
27 Nov 2014
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In Tasmania 21% of the population attends some aspect of the performing arts every year as opposed to the national Australian average of 15%. Tasmanians love their theatre!
The Theatre Council of Tasmania exists to promote and develop this fragile but vibrant sector. The organisation was started with state government funding but now operates supported by the sector itself and the kind sponsorship of businesses and individuals in the community at large.
The main mechanism that raises these funds is the Tasmanian Theatre Awards process which will occur annually and which enrol supporters in sponsoring the various award categories. Colloquially known as the Errols, the awards provide an opportunity for practitioners from both professional and community theatre to come together to celebrate and recognise great achievements in theatre throughout the year.
We are currently seeking sponsorship and individual support directly as well as via our current Pozible crowdfunding campaign where individuals can add their support to this important project. Please go to http://www.pozible.com/project/187502 to contribute - even 10 dollars makes a difference!
Tasmania is a small state with a less than robust economy. Through the Theatre Council of Tasmania, our community and professional performing arts organisations are doing something to help themselves and make an important contribution to the economic and social capital of the state as well as to its artistic and cultural heritage. Please help us to help ourselves!
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