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Music & Movement
28 Nov 2014
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The Friends of Brain Injury Children organisation supports families with children with brain injury in the Canberra area – with a focus on the whole family as a single unit where possible. Through consultation with the ACT Government’s Community Cultural Inclusion Program it was determined that music and movement were considered, by the families themselves, as a potential area of artistic expression they could all share, regardless of ability and circumstance. The inclusion of the ANU School of Music’s MEP (Music Engagement Program) allowed for the exploration of music and movement workshops for these children and their families in a fun and inclusive way with professional facilitators undertaken over 6 weeks. This project responded to the needs of the families involved by including a music and movement session at the hydrotherapy pool in an attempt to include more families and expand the impact the project had on the group as a whole – taking into consideration the improved focus and movement of these children while in the therapeutic warm water.
The project was focused on participation in arts-based activities for children often considered unable to participate due to their disabilities / brain injury rather than outcome – with the obvious joy the workshops brought to the children a wonderful bonus.
This project was followed up with a social arts-based participatory activity that encouraged the families to attend a special movie screening together as a group. A simple activity that was considered impossible by many of the families involved due to their child’s special needs and being made uncomfortable at previous attempts to attend public theatre venues / activities. The obvious enjoyment these children displayed being able to watch a movie on the ‘big screen’ and experience what is considered for many a ‘normal’ children’s activity was very moving for the families involved. That a community arts organisation would make such arrangements to include their children, and the family by extension, was greatly appreciated.
This project was funded through the Community Cultural Inclusion Program by the Tuggeranong Arts Centre (Key Arts Organisation) and the Regional Art Fund, and facilitation by the ANU School of Music’s Music Engagement Program that is funded by Arts ACT / ACT Government.
These projects cost $2,000 including all in-kind expenditure / staffing / travel / marketing and media / promotion / room hire / theatre hire / projection expenses / miscellaneous expenses.
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