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The Big Picture Theatre & Café — Waitsfield, Vermont
2 Dec 2014
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The Big Picture Theatre & Café is a community and educational hub in Waitsfield, Vermont — a small town in the Mad River Valley. The theatre's tagline is "A local gathering place with a global dimension." Big Picture aims to foster film community and offer a spectrum of film resources: “The Big Picture Theater & Café believes in the value of the cinematic experience and to continue its effort to provoke critical thinking, start conversation, and encourage action through film. Big Picture has tremendous resources of films that cover a wide range of curriculum areas such as environmental studies, social studies, literature in film, world history, religion, and political science. In working with the MountainTop Film Festival, The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, and other organizations we have the ability to offer a vast library of films and materials.” Visit Big Picture's website for more info and upcoming screenings. 

The picture above, Waitsfield Field, is licensed CC2.0 by Mike Norton.


Documentary Film Community Cross-Cultural Culture Rural - International Northeast
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