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Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition Meeting
14 Dec 2010
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Jonathan Beutler, John Paul Gonzales, Nella Parks, Jessie Smith, and Christopher Stauffer represented the NRYA at the annual RVCC meeting in Portland, Oregon on Dec. 6-10, 2010.

We won first-place in the networking poster session! Here, you can see Nella, Chris, and Jonathan in their really cool crowns and medals we received for winning both the creativity award and... best overall, or something like that. What you don't see is the hand-lettered, glue-sticked together, bubble-jet printer photo'ed winning poster (complete with "muddy boots credibility")  that put us one-up on the professional scientific posters!

Jonathan, Nella, John Paul, and Chris spent three days engaged in some intense discussion about public lands and natural resource/ecosystem services management, the forestry component of the 2012 Farm Bill, and how the NRYA's youth focus fits into the greater mission of the RVCC.

We hope to have a webinar sometime in January to discuss these issues with the entire NRYA community, so stay tuned!

Taken from RVCC's website:

RVCC focuses on policy issues that affect rural communities, public lands management, and the continuation of a natural resource-based economy in the West.

Special thanks to the Center for Rural Strategies and Sustainable Northwest! Extra special thanks to Kim and Jessie.

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