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Lowholm WQ BMP Project
11 Jan 2011
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Lowholm Case Study Narration The management of Lowholm in recent years has shifted to incorporate regular wet season spelling and improved management of the pasture resource across the property. Developing a practical land management program using the tools on offer through education and training activities offered by local Landcare and DEEDI officers has assisted in this process. Improving the management of Blanket Spring on Lowholm was of little primary production benefit to the business but has had significant environmental outcomes which today we are proud of. Looking after these areas is an integral part of the ongoing management of Lowholm. In future years, this project will serve to further improve the springs’ natural health with relative ease. The changes to infrastructure brought about by the project will also assist in implementing regular wet season rest in these paddocks while also improving pasture management and monitoring in the future. I would like to thank the Dalrymple Landcare Committee, the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country programme and NQ Dry Tropics NRM.

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