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Murray Landcare Team Meeting
9 Dec 2014

The Murray Landcare Team Meeting was held at Deniliquin on 9 December 2014. 13 participants represented more than a dozen Groups and our government partner, Murray Local Land Services.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop a collective, coherent understanding of the position of Murray Landcare preparing for 2015. This involved an update on the Murray Local Land Services position, reviewing the Regional Landcare Facilitator activity and workplan supporting Groups and sharing information and project planning amongst the Groups.

Murray Landcare is a collective of all community based sustainable agriculture, environmental and natural resource management groups in the Murray region of southern NSW. Landcare is about profitable and productive farming, improving natural resource management and addressing environmental issues in our local communities.  We work very closely with Research and government partners such as the Graham Centre, Rice Industry bodies and Murray Local Land Services to bring on ground works and projects addressing local needs to our communities.

The Team Meeting brought a diverse range of established and establishing groups to the table. Groups included Western Murray Land Improvement Group, Wakool Landholders, Wakool Rivers Assoc, Barham Landcare, Green Gully Landcare, Rich River Prime Lamb Group, Rice Grower’s Association- Environmental Champions Program, Southern Grower’s, West Berriquin Irrigation, Central Murray Ag, Corowa District Landcare Group, Holbrook Landcare Network and

We acknowledge the great support for a constructive partnership from Murray Local Land Services. The Board Chair and Directors; Alex Anthony, Terry Gorman and Ken Crossley supported their General Manager, Gary Rodda who shared information from a government perspective, that will help Groups position themselves to align local members needs and priorities with funding opportunities into 2015 and deliver much needed Landcare activities and programs.

The special outcomes of the Team Meeting included opportunities to collaborate and develop higher level partnerships between similar Groups, additional support between Groups for programs, better synchronising of events and preparedness to meet our reporting obligations and be ready for funding applications early next year.


Merry Christmas and thanks for a great year, Murray Landcare!

Landcare Murray
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