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Landcare Community Mental Health Skills Workshop
9 Dec 2014

Murray Landcare affiliates gathered at Deniliquin on Tuesday to learn skills to help them support our rural communities in better mental health. Edwina Hayes, the Murray Landcare Regional Landcare Facilitator, is a Mental Health Social Worker with a strong sense of how Landcare supports mental wellbeing in our communities.


Murray Landcare is a collective of all community based sustainable agriculture, environmental and natural resource management groups in the Murray region of southern NSW. Landcare is about profitable and productive farming, improving natural resource management and addressing environmental issues in our local communities.  We work very closely with Research and government partners such as the Graham Centre, Rice Industry bodies and Murray Local Land Services to bring on ground works and projects addressing local needs to our communities.


The 3 hour Community Mental Health Support Skills Workshop was run by the fabulous Rural Adversity Mental Health Program’s Helen Sheather. Helen worked with Edwina to address some non-specific worries about extra stress on farmers and irrigators in the western Murray region. The workshop helped Landcare staff and volunteers be better prepared to notice mental wellbeing, signs of stress and to know how to do something about any issues raised through their communities, friends and families and work.


The workshop covered 2 sections; what is mental health and what to do if you have worries about someone or yourself and the more detailed, how to recognise and handle tricky situations you might come across working and volunteering in our rural communities.


Helen and Edwina will be bringing more of these workshops to local districts in coming months. Contact Edwina at Murray Landcare on 0427 267 753 or Helen at RAMHP on 0438694192 if you’d like a workshop run in your district or Group. All community members are welcome and they can stay for both sections or attend either one. Colleagues, friends and family can come along and learn more about this area of our lives together. It is a step towards a stronger rural community.



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