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The Second Echo Ensemble
1 Feb 2015
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The Second Echo Ensemble is an independent, integrated performance group, which has been producing dynamic collaborative physical theatre works since 2005. It is a curiosity-driven ensemble that values and grows creative relationships, unique perspectives, and group devised physical theatre practice.

At the core of Second Echo is the ensemble of deviser/performers. The majority are young adults, most of whom live with intellectual disabilities and have been members of the group since its inception. Integration and diversity are at the heart of the ensemble's goals. Our work is not simply about access or equality. We are about new ways of thinking, new opportunities for engagement with a diverse pool of creative talent, serving both to widen and deepen the possibilities for the creative practices and conversations of the future.


The Second Echo Ensemble are currently embarking on our biggest and boldest project yet- The Rite of Spring. Harvard University professor Thomas Kelly suggests that one of the reasons that the Paris premiere of “The Rite of Spring” created such a furore was that it shattered everyone’s expectations. 100 years on Stravinsky’s revolutionary ballet offers an incredible challenge and platform for the Second Echo Ensemble to continue to tackle their expectations of themselves and confront the expectation of their audiences. 

Cultural Diversity Disability Young People Dance DIgital Arts Multi-disciplinary Music Performance Theatre Academic Artist Collaborator Emerging Artist Producer Student Teaching Artist
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