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Homesick from Pulau Bidong
4 Feb 2011
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I stayed at Pulau Bindong Refugee Camp in Malaysia from September to November 1982. I was then transferred to Sungai Besi transit camp near Kuala Lumpur from February until May 15th 1983. 

I was one of the first people in the camp to be resettled in Australia and arrived in Sydney in July 1983. It is the first place after 6 months to live in the Endeavour Hotel. I left to go to Brisbane in January 1984 and I have remained living in Brisbane so far for 25 years. I enjoy the freedom of this Queensland Capital City. 

I am a self trained artist and also received some Academy training from the Queensland College of Art to become a visual artist, not as a professional, but rather as my destiny. 

Pilau Bidong became the everlasting memory of my life and of all the boat people. It will stay with me until the end of my life. 

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